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Gurinder Kaur Kainth as Miss Pooja of Punjabi Industry

Miss Pooja is a well known Punjabi singer and actress who was born December 4 1980 as Gurinder Kaur Kainth Miss.Pooja has a Master’s degree in music. She was employed a music teacher in Patel Public School in Rajpura, before she embarked on her musical career. She is a well known music instructor before she became involved in screen as as singer. Miss Pooja is also known as an actress and has some musical screen roles to her credit as is expected.

Miss Pooja has also been acive in the Bollywood scene and has participated in the production.She excels musically and her true calling is performing, and she has had many singles that have topped the charts in Indian, and is a well known symbol of music in her country. Some of the things Miss Pooja is widely credited with the revival of Indian duet songs. She is know for having recorded over 70 duets with male artists. these are some of the things to understand about Miss Pooja. She is a talented and prolific recording artist and this is the reason she is known not only throughout India but also throughout the world.

Miss Pooja performs in concert venues all over India and all over the world. She is a best selling artist and continues to astound the public with her range of vocal talents. She is known for some of the best duet songs recorded in recent times..As of 2013, she is responsible for recording over 3000 songs, and has released over 300 albums, some of which are religious in tone.

She routinely performs in the Bhangra genre, and has become the third largest recording artist of that genre in the world. She also performs religious music and is active in Hip hop. Her versatility as a performer is part of the reason that Miss Pooja is popular and why she has a worldwide following. Some of her best known songs include classics like Shona Shona. Her music is avaialbe on itunes and many other types of public music venues. The album she debuted was Romantic Jatt and this was recorded in Canada along with a music video in 2009. Pooja has performed on a variety of record labels including ParasiteDark, Amar Studio, Speed Records and for Simran Music Industies. She has over 16 albums to her credit. She also has some duo collaboration albums most notably Surprise with Jaspal Mann & Preet Lali. More information about Miss Poja can be found on her official website TheMissPooja.com.

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