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September 29, 2008

binary.com minimum deposit Coming Soon: Alphabetizing Vs New Arrivals - Grudge Match
I can't decide if I should always keep the new arrivals at top or just suck it up and make the merchandise content alphabetical. I reeeally like it when things are alphabetical but the newest stuff is so much easier to find when it's on top. Of your mom.

Black Bug is available on the page. At the top of the list.  ...For now...

September 8, 2008

Wow, was I complaining about summer? What was I thinking. Fall sucks even more. Even without taking account for ragweed allergies.

We got a few extra copies of Spread Eagles "Don't Be A Drag" and MOTO "Some Thing" that came back to us from some random distributor- great chance to pick them up since they've both been out of print forever. We found some leftover shirts too. This label might suck, but dammit
our logo looks good.

July 15, 2008

Summer is hot and beer no longer seems to help. What's a person to do?

Two new record pre-orders available - Mosquito Bandito and Dead Ghosts.
They'll be here any day - I guess that's something to look forward to...

June 9, 2008
I had a dream last night that I was being chased through high rise buildings by dinosaurs during a tornado. It was pretty sweet.  Actually there were like, 7 tornados.
Mosquito Bandito is getting pressed (hopefully) soon; a few other irons in the fire...
The Box Elders are out on tour - go see them!

May 1, 2008
binary.com mt5 download Wow, my image files work again. 
The internets is a technology.
Go buy something from the prettty pretty page.
Breaking news:
Girls of the Gravitron is getting pressed this week, hopefully in time for their departure - check their myspace or whatever for tour dates. Bad Sports preorders are in the mail as of this morning and people are saying nice things about it. PTrash and Boom Chick Records are teaming up to make some pretty exciting international stuff happen.  ...Oh wait, I'm the only one who cares that Peter is willing to trade foreign My Little Ponies for distro records. Nevermind.

March 26, 2008
We have all the junks in stock; Brimstone Howl showed up this month as well as Kway Bleu; we just sent off the Bad Sports (Denton TX) to the pressings peoples...
Spring is looking good.

R.I.P. Amy Leavitt; we love you, you angry little Jewess.  You'll be missed.

February 18, 2008
dammit, I just lost a my little pony auction to some bitch in France. What the hell is wrong with the
U$ dollar? I can't buy ANYTHING anymore without some freaking dickhead from the Netherlands driving up the price. Only upside I guess is that all those stupid Euros are buying American punk rock records faster than we can send them off. It's like a fire sale.
Keep your shitty currency pouring in, please.  

Accepting preorders for Brimstone Howl "Tunnel of Love" over here

February 6, 2008

binary.com review Few things in the works; Brimstone Howl's next 7" on Boom Chick "Tunnel of Love" has arrived but artwork isn't done yet; expect this to be out (hopefully) before end of Feb. Also happening: Creteens "K-Way Bleu" - recorded, en route. Recorded the Estrogen Highs while they were in town but vocals didn't turn out - that might get finished at some point (would be nice - the tracks sounded great) and the Shanks will be coming back in end of the month for recording. I'm taking the children and leaving town for that one - the boys are on their own (30 stitches is enough, Jeff. Give it a rest.  And please don't burn my house down). God help us.

December 27, 2007

Ready for preorders for Golden Boys/Limes split; one song per band - no pushing!
Updates on the purchasey page ... go spend your Christmas money. Good thing all your parents are divorced; more Grammas = more $5 bills for everyone!

November 30, 2007
So glad this month is almost over. Lots of record updates on the buystuff page.  Just sent out files for Golden Boys/Limes split coming out early 2008 - good stuff. MOTO and Spread Eagles/Drag both almost out of print - pick some up while they last!

November 13, 2007
Everything's coming together nicely. Like roses and shit.  Mans, Daily Void and the new PINK LiveFastDie records are in stock and headed straight back out again. Blah blah blah, etc. HTML=fingers shaped like a gun inserted into my mouth - 

November 5, 2007
I love prime numbers and today's a doozy. DVoid artwork is still en route. ETA= who the fuck knows. Eventually. Repress of LFD is coming soon, too. We were thinking about a special "Zelda" edition and have gold wax, but fuck it. Too much work. We decided on Red/White swirls. So yes, the vinyl is PINK. Fuckers.

Now, in "Who Really Cares" News, Nate B from the Spread Eagles is going to come back from Europe to get drunk with us this week = excited. Hi Nate!

That's all I got.  Ohwait; Belated congrats to Alicja on her foray into the baby business.  Props!

October 9, 2007
Oh yeah, we have records on the way from Daily Void and the Mans verrrry soon. DV is getting pressed and artwork is on the way. Mans will be breathing hard down their necks.

October 8, 2007
Here are the reviews from this summer; Check out this bad-ass TB review for the Spread Eagles. I'd puff out my chest like the proud mother hen I is, but I need to take a crap first.

Spread Eagles "Don't Be A Drag" EP
Spread Eagles "Don't Talk to the Narc" 7"
 For all of you bitching about how you dislike the Black Lips' new "cleaned-up" approach, I'd like to introduce you to the Spread Eagles. I've been sitting on these records for a good while now, and playing the shit out of them all the while, perhaps waiting for them to get boring or to come to some realization thaty they're just not as good as I'm thinking they are. But it's not happening. I'll just come out and say they are two of my most favorite platters of the year. The fact that no one else is talking them up frightens me. While the Spread Eagles may be jumping off cliffs Jared, Cole & Co. have scaled first and without abandon, they bring something different to the table as well, a wilder punk approach with perhaps less reverance to Sixties standard bearers. The debut single is four tracks deep, with the A-Side suite of
"Don't Be A Drag" and "Saga of the Year 3000" being melded together with gobs of of wildly oscillating guitar. It's defiantly desperate rock'n'roll, with unwavering drum and guitar stomp and layers of sounds making for a nasty dish of fried-psych topped with evil garage ravings. You can almost see the corpse of the BFTG series dragging from their bumper as they speed by. "I Wanna Be My Man" is audacious and wants to go back in time and kick the Makers' asses and "In the CIA" combines with their display of the uber-American eagle and Freemason imagery to give them a dark sort of mysterious modus operandi. Have I mentioned they're from Kansas yet? The Boomchick released "Don't Talk To the Narc" might be the punkest tune I've heard all year. Air raid sirens, more oscillated and fucked guitar that blurts forth one doozy of a "solo", live in a cave blown out-and-up recording, pure mayhem on wax, that's what it is. Take heed. The flip, "Up Too High (Much Too High)" is a bad-trip from the Sixities relived all over again with chain-gang vox and the distinct stench of hippie blood. I can't give both of these records high enough grades. No one else seems to be talking about them. What is wrong with everyone? Or should I be asking what is wrong with me? Raw shit I think all of you need to hear. Scums stats: unknown quantity on the first single (which I think Boom Chick may have co-released), so get moving. Boomchick single is 600 copies, 200 each of blue, red and green screened-sleeve versions. (RK) - TBordeom

The Alrightees 7" EP
Crazy panda/skull/raining blood cover art on this thing had me hoping for some fucked up shit. Well, it ain't that fucked. Actually some decent chugging post-Oblivians garage-noise recorded by one of the guys in The Horrors. Closer to what that band sounded like on the "Vent" LP instead of the aural insanity of their first record. Seems like it was recorded live with a good and trashy vibe. "Whatcha Doin' Girl" is probably better than anything on that second Horrors record when you get down to it. Five tunes, three of which have "Alrightee" in the title. Not bad but not that memorable either. Scum stats: 600 copies on three different colors of wax (purple, pink and green).(RK) - Terminal Boredom

Creteens "Burn Your School" 7"
 I'm always pleased when a band you've previously found boring (like the 1.5 Creteens records I've heard before this) surprise you with something good. Because I don't want bands to suck. I want them to be good. I get no kick out of penning negative reviews. Really. So, I couldn't be happier that "Cocksucker" is a pretty amazing cut. I seem to remember this kid's other records being generic trashy garage-crapola. But this one is vicious punk with a peculiar UK-punk sounding influence. It's like cockney-garage or something. The vox really leap out from the mix adding some needed character to the raunch and the guitar/bass has a mean bite to it. Really, this is the best minute-and-a-half of savage garage-punk I've heard in some time. Regrettably, the second cut on the A-Side is back to rote recitation of Memphis-style bluespunk hammering, maybe with a little more flair than before. B-Side is a dragstrip-riot smash-up derby thing with organ grinding. I hate to recommend a record for one sub-two minute blazer, but that would be my endorsement of this. I really wish the rest of the single lived up to that first cut. But I can say this is the best Creteens record ever released though.
(RK) Terminal Boredom

LiveFastDie "Got Nitedo" EP
 Another astoundingly mind-numbing installment from the Camero Werewolf show. "Got Nitedo" is a bizarre ode of sorts to old-school home gaming systems and the hazards of being trapped inside one. Like Tron, but drunk on pizza. Yet another song that raises the question of how and why this guy comes up with this stuff. "Do I Look Like A Bank (To You)" is a triumphantly punk take on a phrase my Dad repeatedly said to me as a kid. The flipside finally vinylizes yet another song with roots stemming from an internet message board thread. This is cutting edge punk here folks and I thank the gods that the world is a place where an artist such as Mr. Werewolf can see his vision committed to vinyl on other people's dime. Also, all three tunes are from three different recording sessions from three different years giving each cut its own uniquely crappy sound. Not quite the masterpiece that "Pissing on the Mainframe" was, but better than most other garbage out there. Scum stats: 500 copies, 100 with limited "Nitedo" sleeve which is actually really clever. (RK) - Terminal Boredom


Cock Sucker EP (Boom Chick)
My straight dose of garage punker action just in time for the first falling of the leaves, and it’s a doozy. All three tracks on this are dripping green snot, so you just know it’s the really sick variety. The highlight of the show is the vocals, which are perfect for this type of cocksucking punker blues. Short, sharp and pinned-eye buzzed, and just enough brain cells to swing it without laying it on too thick. Picked me a winner, wanna see it? –RW

Live Fast Die Got Nitedo EP (Boom Chick)
Their best effort since their debut EP? That kind of takes the wind out of rest of the review, I admit, but that’s the score here from Live Fast Die. Their songs are working a very, very dangerous angle in modern garagey punk, in that they dare to dance out on the high wire of addressing actual topics in their songs. That approach frequently leads to a clunky audience silence that freaks said high wire dancer into freezing and plummeting to their doom, but Live Fast Die seem to be basically fearless in their approach, which also means that they get to switch up the musical tones as well. It’s all win-win. I used to peg these guys as just another worthy KBD-worshipin’ outfit but they are all done with that now. I’m prepped for another try for a great LP. -RW

September 10, 2007

August? What August.  Screw updates, I've been too busy buying My Little Ponies on ebay.
I just wanted to put this review up; it's my favorite so far;

"Whoa doggies! Who in their right mind makes such sweet garage rock in Kansas?! THE SPREAD EAGLES do, that's who, with two pieces of wax coming from left field and on to my record player. I'm too old and square to smoke dope, but after listening to the Don't Be A Drag 7", I am reconsidering, as should you. Four songs on this one...all recorded as if onto a boom box then onto a micro-cassette recorder and then back onto the boom box. Saga of the Year 3000 is reminiscent of a Star Wars acid trip, and grooves so much I just had to masturbate. Think the first DWARVES album but more smart-ass. I Wanna Be My Man is something like a BACK FROM THE GRAVE band wearing diapers. The second release, Don't Talk to the Narc, solidifies the Eagles in my mind as a band that will tell me what NOT to do (be a drag, talk to narcs)...and I will listen. This one comes from the Nebraska label BOOM CHICK RECORDS, which is known for putting out ultra-swanky mid-western garage with a bad attitude and the Narc 7" is no exception. The b-side totally blows but I'm so high it doesn't even matter.
Never mind, it's awesome! Do you ever like, wonder about the universe, man? Put these in your collection before you're so old you're dead." -PP

July 22, 2007

Records! Recordings! Sparks!
Shanks and Creteens covers are here and records are ready for selling.
LiveFastDie 7" release is quickly approaching; looking good for the end of the month - Next week would be even better, but I'm not optimistic.  Daily Void have been stinking up Boom Chick HQ for the last 5 days recording tracks for upcoming Dead Beat and HOZAC records releases - they sound great, but I'm gonna have to Febreeze the shit out of my basement.  It's a heavy burden to bear but I am strong.  

June 27, 2007

Creteens artwork finally getting squared away; lonely little Creteens 7"s have been waiting patiently for their homes for over a month. Shanks test pressings just approved and art done also. LiveFastDie Nitedo 7" (featuring "webshits and blah blah blahs" ) just sent in and will be out (hopefully) before they take off for Europe. Give my regards to the French.

Forget About Never: CD
This album conjures up that scene in the Blues Brothers where Jake and Elwood go to the church where James Browns has that huge gospel/blues musical number going on. Take that scene and change the band to a genuinely unique garage punk band playing guitar, drums, and organ, and then record the whole tumultuous shebang they raise into what sounds like two microphones that are so overloaded and distorted that all the recording levels are securely in the red. That describes about 3/4s of the album. The mellower numbers on the album tend to sound like slower 45 Graves songs but less hokey (probably due to both bands using spooky organ and having female vocalists more than anything else). This is perhaps the dirtiest, most spazzed-out sounding recording that one is ever likely to encounter outside of a Locust album, but it really works to give everything a unique and urgent gritty rock’n’roll soul feel instead of making everything muddy or headache-inducing. The vocals really make this album. While the male vocals hold their own in the songs they take lead on, it’s the female vocals (I’m guessing they belong to Liz Hitt) that really kick ass because they have that low, in-control Aretha Franklin quality that can be up-beat and aggressive like on “Wild Bill’s Social Club” and the cover of “Liar Liar,” to beautifully soulful like on the track “Ride.” These, incidentally, are my favorite tracks on the album, along with the closer “(She’s Gone) Popcorn.” Highly recommended. –Adrian (Dead Beat)

June 4, 2007



May 21, 2007

Couple of reviews; I like the Spanish one;
 "una mala digestión," Yeah!
I bet NO ONE says anything about corn in these.    ....Oh, wait....

Is it Black Monk time already again? There's a practice space somewhere in Nebraska with a 30 year old cassette recorder sitting on a dumpster-score desk with bubbling veneer. That's how horrendous the sound is on this debut, and word is The Terminals were none too pleased with the initial outcome. But despite and because of the unusual engineering, the room noise and unsafe at any volume recording level, Forget About Never is the most exciting garage punk to assault my eardrums in many moons. The band's talents are clearly evident through the framework of feedback and fuzz. You just don't mess around with a classic like The Castaway's "Liar Liar" unless you can add something to it, and what they add is unfettered vitriol. The prominent soul organ provides a house-dance element like the mixers in that awful Hairspray movie remade recently with Travolta in drag. It's often difficult to tell the gender of the singer as the raw sound becomes more like the 4th member. I think they trade off urgent vocals. Mind-blowing stuff that's likely to spawn a band for every album sold. -Ewan Wadharm @ Lollipop.com

Ruidosos e infernales son este trío de Nebraska que debutan con este disco “Forget About Never” para el sello Dead Beat. Una serpiente de tres cabezas que se merienda todo lo que se le ponga por delante. Distorsión por un tubo y volumen brutal para despacharse 12 temas en CD y 13 en LP. Un disco no apto para todos los públicos e ideal para fans de The Hunches, The Horrors y Cheater Slicks. Versionean “Liar Liar” de los Castaways al más puro estilo Mummies. Garage-Rock’n’Roll-Punk-Blues, una batidora de sonidos rompe-timpanos. Ideales para superar una mala digestión, unas dosis de “Out Of Place” y “(She’s Gone) Popcorn” y como nuevo.

Finally, Nebraska kicks in with their own gritty rock n’ roll adventure. The Terminals are a multi-gendered power trio who bang out thunderous garbage rock with a rollerderby organ and a sledgehammer guitar sound that’s like the Sonics hitting a wall at 110 MPH. The production (by In the Red mainman Andy Caffrey) is blown-out and lo-fi, the attitude is all bloody lips and razorblades, and there are few fruggable hits under the swells of dirty noise, particularly the raucous “Out of Place” and their Mummies-gone-mummier berserko take on the Castaways’ “Liar Liar”. Wild. You may never look at corn the same way again.

April 6, 2007

Here's a review from OX-Fanzine. Here it is, pulled (hilariously) straight from Babelfish translations. If only people actually spoke this way! The River Town Center Tanlines are my new favorite band.

An album, which actually perfectly on In The Red  would have fit, but congratulations also at Tom of DEAD Beat that it has itself the TERMINALS from Lincoln, NE secured. Those had 7"on boom Chick record raus, the reason of enough were to walk for signing of the agreement that the photographs under supervision of Andy Caffrey (THE of HORROR, on In The Red...) followed - with a result, which inspires me all around. However already the organ inspired me immediately for the TERMINALS: it cleanly accents singing and brachial the roasting guitar, and at the opportunity I should perhaps mention that Billy Childish and GUITAR WOLF are opposite the TERMINALS genuine advocates of a highly transparent production. Here all automatic controllers go into the red range, and who wants to bring always audiophile humans around the understanding, them confront in such a way with volume. Merrily! The TERMINALS with her exzellenten front woman Liz are not trashige garage Punkband from pure self purpose, but have in parts an unbelievably warm sound, with "Ride" a marvelous Ballade at the start, which is equivalent still moving in their Noisyness. Finely also the new interpretation of the CASTAWAYS Songs "Liar liar". Who DRAWS to SOUNDS, DESTRUCTION UNIT, RIVER TOWN CENTER TAN LINES, OBLIVIANS and CHEATER SLICKS estimates equally, also to this Trio its heart will lose. And if one excludes oneself the whole distorted noise times, under it even a dragging along mixture from BLONDIE and Holly Golightly is..

April 2, 2007

I like this. It's funny.

THE TERMINALS Forget About Never CD

Not to be confused with the legendary New Zealand rock band of the same name (shame on you), Lincoln, Nebraska’s Terminals follow a well worn trajectory set forth by the likes of 68 Comeback and Oblivians, but execute this brand of uppity garage rock well enough to earn a place amongst their heroes. The tones are filthy in all the right ways, with the organ often sounding as if it were taken straight from a lost ? and The Mysterians single. The Terminal’s new spin on the old formula is most interesting on their cover of The Castaways “Liar, Liar,” which is suitably blown out and just goofy enough. The male / female vocals—one part Lux Interior, two parts riot grrrl—are snarled, the drums have all the primal immediacy of a troglodyte on diet pills, and the overall effect is total whitewash. Fans of Coachwhips, Hospitals, et al would be strongly advised to pick this up, skipping a meal or two if necessary. [Dead Beat]

March 31, 2007

Got all the stupid webshits updated. Feel free to buy some of the new releases right here. MOTO, Spread Eagles and pre-orders for the Alrightees 7" are all available. Not only that but there's  another MMR review for the Terminals Dead Beat LP rolling around - I don't have the write up in front of me to quote but apparently we are a "Rockabilly" band.  Who knew?

March 26, 2007

MOTO has landed. Too lazy to do anything website related other than this. I'll make a pretty thingy later. Spread Eagles 45s are a GO also. Order them both, you Ninnies!

March 22, 2007

MOTO preorders $5 if you wanna. Email me

March 2, 2007

Totally god-like? We can get behind that.

The Terminals : LowCut/Denmark

Fuckin’ hell! This is some seriously demented rhythm & blues punkrock with a messy but kickass over-the-top production. Kinda like a speedpunk version of Del-Gators or Les Sexareenos, but no The Terminals don’t sport any ex-members of Spaceshits or hail from Montreal, nope, they’re from Nebraska and they mean fuckin’ business! If you’re tired of garagerock doing the by-the-book Back From The Grave thang, then by all means get a load of The Terminals – they’re savage, manic, pissed off and totally godlike! Another winner from Dead Beat Records, and one of the best releases of 2006. The vinyl albums has 1 extra track (”Your Lies”).

Wake up and smell the Terminals/ PDM

For those who enjoy less than five hours sleep per night, bypass decent food in favor of burgers, and think exercise is the number of trips from the barstool to the can, this disc from Nebraska’s THE TERMINALS may save your life. The shrill transistor radio production, booming drums, and 60s soap opera organ cranked to proper levels are practically guaranteed to keep you from nodding off behind the wheel at 3am. While a few of the tracks on “Forget About Never” sort of run together, sharing similar melodies and hazy percussion, “Easy” is a near-perfect old school punk nugget for your dream compilation, and therefore more satisfying than cold pizza in the fridge. Liz’s horror shrieks, the surfy drums and kitschy pulsing riffs sound like THE LOST SOUNDS tied up J GEILS backstage in 1972 and took over their set in front of a hootin’, hollerin’ crowd in some Detroit ballroom while somebody recorded the whole affair with a boombox. Suffice to say that the next time Gretchen goes to Nebraska, she oughta grab a PBR and see if THE TERMINALS are playing in somebody’s basement.


February 26, 2007

Enough with the Reviews, already
It might be time to start a reviews section.


The Shanks are from Omaha, Nebraska. This is their first release, and it is good to see that there is some rock n' roll happening there. I bet this band puts on a pretty good live show. The singer's angry sounding vocals are a good match for the band's aggressive mid-tempo trashy punk rock n' roll sound. I think this debut EP is a good start for this band. I think that their next release will be even better.

February 20, 2007

ruh vew.
Jesus. Where did these freaks come from? The wild cornfields of Nebraska is where. Awesome trashy garage rock that uses just the right amount of keys. While too many of these kinds of bands go in for the cool hep cat shtick and give little regard to how they actually sound with producer Andy Caffrey these guys and girl get the mix just right. While comparisons between vocalist Liz and Lost Sounds/River City Tanlines Alijica will be made, the Terminals offer enough of their own spark, they do a cover ‘Liar, Liar’ which I think is by the Castaways, But from the upbeat opener Wild Bill’s Social Club to the closing (She’s Gone) Pop Corn this is a non stop rock and roll party.
Tim Scott

ebruary 17, 2007

More Reviews!

Lord Rutledge, Now Wave Magazine

What a terrific debut album from Lincoln, Nebraska's Terminals! Here we get a wonderfully realized hybrid of blues/soul/gospel/garage racket and noisy, sonically adventurous modern punk. Exquisitely produced by Andy Caffrey, Forget About Never triumphantly fuses the spirit and swagger of righteous rock n' roll with the dense, experimental soundscapes and bold future-rock tones that regular In The Red customers are already well acquainted with. The group's full-throttle, blown-out bluesy punk bashing hints at precursors such as the Oblivians, Bellrays, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Gun Club, and even The Sonics, and some of the songs here rock so wildly and feverishly that I can't help but scream "Oh yeah!" and throw myself down before the altar of The Church of The Terminals. Lead track "Wild Bill's Social Club" kicks off like a ball of fire, riding inspired church organ demonstrations, feral trashcan drumming, scorching fuzzed-out guitars, and Liz Hitt's soul-aflame vocals into a crescendo of destructo jamming. And although not every song manages to cook up a similarly smoldering onslaught, tracks like "Alley House" and "Easy" are as furious and convictive as rock n' roll gets. This is where the press kit comparison to Teengenerate rings absolutely true - it's not the sound that's similar, but rather the unhinged, wild-hearted intensity and irrefutable rock n' roll essence. Caffrey does an admirable job of capturing the futuristic textures and anomalistic nuances lurking amidst the tumult. The guitars, especially, squall and clatter like some strange, penetrant instrument of tomorrow. The post-modern feel adds particular depth and character to a song like "Ride", which is hypnotic and dreamy like some sinister blend of Screamin' Jay Hawkins and My Bloody Valentine drone-pop. And although some of the moodier, less frantically paced numbers boast strong hooks and winning melodies (e.g. "Line"), I like this band best when it's simply tearing it up. So when the disc closes with the savagely slung ripper "(She's Gone) Popcorn", my ears are left ringing with the strains of a good old rock n' roll band, pure and simple. Some bands just have it, ya know?
Lord Rutledge
February 15, 2007

Wesley Coleman, a member of the Golden Boys and formidable solo artist in his own right, has blessed us with perhaps this winter's catchiest rock n' roll song. I'd wager my next month's beer money that nine out of ten Now Wave readers will love "Summer of '79". This is the hookiest and most conventional that old John Wesley gets. Think poppy punk n' roll a la Heartbreakers/Dolls meets Hasil Adkins honky tonk trash, or something like that. Primitive and rootsy for sure, but absolutely as tuneful and well-crafted as any of the powerpop stuff that's all the rage right now. What a song!

The rest of the record is a sharp departure from "Summer of '79", but still quite good and far more "structured" than what you might expect from Mr. Coleman. "Work Today" and "Goodbye Little Queenie" are bluesy garage trash numbers with screaming vocals and crazy, falling-apart instrumentation. I know there's a lot of that sort of shit going around these days, but these two tunes are played so uniquely and excellently that they truly rise above. And "Intro" is something else, with Coleman ranting like a demented Pentecostal preacher over top eerie church organ. I dig.

Alright then: a big thumbs-up for Wesley Coleman! Check him out!
Lord Rutledge
February 15, 2007

Dale @ Smashin' Transistors

It's always the quiet ones ya gotta watch out for, huh? Wes is a man of, well maybe saying of few words is not 100% exactly the description I am thinking but his words are well chosen & soft spoken and add a bit to any conversation but he never has to overstate himself. He's the kind of guy who you find yourself standing around a late night fire with, enjoying some burgers seared on a grill manned by a bandmate and talk about things like living and losing and fishing and rocking for hours while passing around a bottle of bourbon. As a member of the Golden Boys, he's quite the opposite of off stages impressions as he, closed eyes and wearing his heart on his sleeve bloody cuffs and all, shows he can croon a weeper about pickling your soul in alcohol as one way to ease the pain as well as he can scream through a tornado of chicken scratching feedback and bashing drums. On this solo undertaking he uses a little and makes a whole lotta commotion. Slippery sliding guitar moans, an organ liberated from a roller rink with it's floorboards dry rotted from spilled cherry Cokes and rat piss and tin can drums get in a free for all rumble of 70's glam pop and deepwoods trash bop on the "Summer of '79" with Wes chewing on the question 'Why ya be the Rolling Stones/Do you think that is rock-n-roll". Theme park tail chasing meets teen tragedy when the Wooo-Oo-Oo-Oo's come in. Next, "Work Today" comes crashing in sorta outta tune and off rhythm with a undulating Black Lips take a stab at a Byrds "8 Miles High" raga run wiggles in and out at proper moments.
The b-sides "Intro" it's as if the same organ that was acquired on "Summer Of 79" fell off the back of an old Dodge truck en route from a session on an 1940's radio soap opera to a storefront church with a congregation of wino's who don't really pay attention to the preaching Wesley's doing (but will hang out for the heated room and free cookies). He then sends them back out to the sidewalk though when he turns it up again and starts speaking in the rock-n-roll tongues of "Goodbye Little Queenie", a demon exorcising mash up of what side one offers up along with a little bit more hot sauce.

February 6, 2007

Prince is a pimp. I don't care what anyone else says. I just watched him make a guitar disappear (you have to wait till the end of the clip. Just ignore TP). Top that nigger! In other news, MOTO vinyl is in stock sans covers. I really need to fine-tune my timing. Oh well, soon enough. I suppose if someone wants to pre-order it they can feel free. Just drop me an email.  Alrightees 7" is off to be pressed and the Spread Eagles are in town this weekend to record a new 7" even though they are no longer a band... allegedly. We'll see what we can do about that.  (Editor's note: Yes, we know they think they are the Black Lips; is that a bad thing? We didn't think so.)

Wes and Shanks reviews to be read in Dusted Magazine. Nice!

This edition of the column has a lot of examples of doing it wrong vs. doing it right. There are one or two pretty weak garage records in this month's batch, and then there's this one guy, Wesley Coleman, pitching an earnest, Buddy Holly-ist rock agenda against reckless latter-day garage rock stomp like MOTO or even the Cynics. A shock and a surprise, as Wesley howls through these songs like a wildman, keeps the sincerity level at an all-time high, and cheerfully destroys a couple decades of nostalgia in one dirty swat. Serious, seizure-inducing lo-fi garage pop like you won't believe. Three fantastic songs, pistachio-colored vinyl. He'll get you in trouble, girls, and then you'll have to marry him.

I'm link happy today, forgive me.

February 2, 2007

Review Time !
Not only that, but a nice Brimstone Howl/Boom Chick write up in the article section of Terminal Boredom as well. Thanks for leaving out the Terminals, Icky! (We never get invited to the after parties either.)

The Terminals "Forget About Never" LP/CD
A sneaky little debut platter from the on-the-rise Nebraska contingent of modern garage-rockers of which The Terminals seem to be the most garage-sounding of (compared to the rock-action of Brimstone Howl and the punker-sounding Shanks). The recording on this (done by Andy from The Horrors) is fairly odd, kind of washed out and seemingly filtered through layers of gauze, not so much ghostly as strangely muffled souding, and it certainly lends quit a bit of character to what could be just standard garage doings. The guitars roar out of the distance at times and the organ playing is just wild enough and adds an integral element to the band's sound, instead of being simply an add-on as it is with many bands. Actually, these guys (and gal) are at their best doing an inspired Castaways cover (a really killer "Liar Liar", I shit you not) and revisiting a couple of garage-punk unknowns ("Ritual" from The Mods [from one of those Satan Records comps] and The Bryds' "Your Lies" [BFTG Vol. 8]). The originals follow the same line, with organ lines leading the way on most charges, aptly fusing the early Rip Off/Pre BS garage-fuckery aesthetic to the modern ITR static sound. Sexareenos meet The Hunches or some such shit. This gal can really hold her own on the mic too. Bobby Christgau stamps this one with an B+ and says after a half-dozen listens or so it really starts to make sense. LP contains a bonus track, nice Mike Sniper art. (RK) Terminals Boredom

The Shanks "Cut Me" EP

Yet another band from Nebraska via the Boom Chick label to go along with The Terminals and Brimstone Howl. Who'd-a-thunk anything was going on there? Apparently the Crap Detectors laid some seeds that took their time germinating...anywaaaaay, this being their debut and all, the Shanks step up to the plate right away with "Cut Me", a nice rip of bad-mood punk-rocking double guitar (one on rhythm fuzz the other handling pinpoint attack) scrunch. "Homeless" struts pretty mean, but on "Ike Turner Blues" the fuzz guitar finally flies totally off the handle and things get all surly and shit. A decent debut. Things are happening out there in them hills it seems...Omaha Bobby C gives this a B. Scum stats: unknown quantity on gray-ish marble vinyl. And I should add that Boom Chick Records has a pretty sweet looking logo. (RK) Terminals Boredom

February 1, 2007

Uhm, where did January go? Oh wait, I think I was drunk for all of it. DANG! My favorite month, too. Tour: bitchin. Snow: NOT cool. Fuck winter. I don't want to talk about it.

MOTO 7" is getting pressed as we speak - artwork by the wonderful Liam Hurley (yes, Heir to the Criminal IQ Dynasty). Alrightees test lacquer due to arrive any day. New Brimstone Howl 7" mastered and in the que... a Perpetrator Records for the Terminals is rumored later this Spring. SYA records has one in the oven for the Brimstone Howl, who will be heading to TX for the SXSW thing - watch out! Cutest Frenchie on the planet, Creteen Benji has alluded to some material coming Por Avion International Mail for Boom Chick. We'll believe when we see it.  In the meantime, HUGE hard on.

Spread Eagles will be recording in the dirty basement (AKA DNA Studio) shortly to bring a final release into the world before Nate goes to Japan to start a new religion based pretty much on the worship of LSD. The demise of this band births a sad day for rock and roll.

Speaking of fucking birth, Congratulations to Todd Shank on the outting of his assuredly very cute Baby Boy! Can I call him Nikki? Don't knock her up again, Dude!

I'm having a small panic attack trying to remember if I booked all the shows I promised to the various bands coming through town the next couple months... if it weren't for MySpace messaging I would six kinds of screwed. Sent messages could stand to stick around a little longer than 2 weeks though, guys. Help a nigga out.

December 14, 2006

Well, Brooks got his license yesterday and it turned out to be a mixed blessing. It'll be nice to not have to chauffer him around but the first thing he did when he got into his car was buy a lot of beer and fall of the wagon. Hard. Existing Boom Chick Records releases just got a lot more limited edition as much of our inventory found its way under our power miter saw and are now small pieces of pretty colored plastic. I'm considering making a mosaic.

December 15, 2006

Thanks MOTO for not making me look like a fool. 45 coming soon.

December 12, 2006

Merry Christmas! Things are looking up; Brooks will be able to drive again soon, it still hasn't snowed (take THAT southern states!) and I have renewed my dedication to canned whipped cream. How is that stuff legal? We're waiting to get 7 inch material from one Mr. Paul Caporino. Personally I've heard it's more like 9 inches, but whatever. Will report back.

December Terminals tour towards the South (the "BBQ for Breakfast" tour, NOT the "Breakfast in America" tour as some would have you believe) might possibly include a watch-me-eat-a-hot-dog event in Austin - details coming.  Check for your city here and if you live in Oklahoma, set us up the bomb, how bout? Terminals need a show.

On a more festive note, some new MP3s are up including a lovely song from the Shanks especially for the season entitled "Homeless for the Holidays". Enjoy.

November 13, 2006

Terminals/Shanks release show was awesome; lots of stuff got throwed, made a lot of money (not really, but all things considered) and someone slipped my girlfriend a micky. That's Rock and Roll. Everything is in stock and ready for purchase. Hint.

November 1, 2006

Well, well. Got word today that the Terminals LPs and CDs have arrived at Dead Beat Records Headquarters - They'll be on their way to us this week.  Full sized album art is cool. Shanks and Wesley Coleman records are here but no covers yet. Sigh....

October 17, 2006

So much shit going on I could puke. Brimstone Howl repress of the first 45 (M60) on it's way back from the thingy-makers, Wesley Coleman 45 pressing as we speak and the Shanks 45 is awaiting approval, to be out probably by the end of the month. Not sure why this shit takes so long. ALSO, Terminals LP/CD will be "in stores" the first half of November. ALSO ALSO ALSO and also-est, Brimstone Howl are signing to ALIVE Records, album to be recorded by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys (eh) in December. The boys have been in the basement recording here the past few days also and the stuff we've laid down is tight. It will be the long-lost album. Look forward to the release of "Motorcycle Nigger" in all its anthemic glory some time very soon. End transmission. Give me more coffee.

P.S. How good is the new BBQ/Kahn album?? Seriously.

September 11, 2006

If there is no news to report, is it still news? We are expecting the masters of the Wesley Coleman 7" back soon and The Shanks 4 song EP is getting wrapped up, too. I had the opportunity to shoot the artwork for that 45 - it entailed lots of nakedness. It was, unfortunately, more artistic and not as pornographic as I had hoped it would be. The Terminals are still sitting on their collective thumbs waiting for their Icelandic (or whatever) Thunderhawk Drummer, Dave to return from touring with THOR. Hopefully he can still play something other than galloping 80s metal beats. We are optimistic. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

 August 18, 2006

One good update deserves another. Brimstone Howl reviewed in RAZORCAKE:

"Rapid, floor tom heavy, squawky crap (meant in the nicest way, I can assure you). The singer sounds like he's yowling through one of those boxy mikes that looks like some manner of 1950s automobile adornment, and the guitar player might be in line for this month's Gary Farrell synapse-fryification award. Although no one has explicitly asked me to testify in this matter, I may, in fact, do so unbidden. So be it!
BEST SONG: "Soulless"
FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Each side of this records consists of a really short song followed by a much longer song.
- Rev Norb 

           August 17, 2006

Good freaking night I do not want to update this site but it's been over a month (oh, whoops, TWO) since it's been done... The trials, the trials.  
Lots shakin; Brimstone Howl on tour, just finished recording tracks for the new SHANKS 45 (out soon-ish), Wesley Coleman 45 sent to the recordators to be released in September, Terminals LP release date moved up several months and is almost ready to send to the self-same recordators, Brimstone Howl's 45 on Andy Caffrey's Obsolete Records (which is, by the way, now VERY obsolete) is in the "warehouse" ready to be purchased by YOU, and Brimstone Howl will be back in the studio recording their next full-length when they return from tour.  Phew!

There's your fucking update, son!

           June 14, 2006

Terminals Reviewed in Maximum Rock and Roll
"I listened to the A-side of this record about five times in a row. I could have listened to it five more times in all probability if I didn't have more important top-secret things to do. From this you could deduce that I really like this song a whole lot. In fact I think I am going to have to listen to it again. The song in question is a cover of "Ritual" by THE MODS who I know nothing about, but I do know that this version is totally killer. The singer Liz has the best voice; it reminds me a little of Paula Peirce of the PANDORAS, which is kind of refreshing because I feel like a lot of girls fronting garage bands are going for the ice cold Alicja Trout sound - which I like too - but ... Paula Peirce! Totally dreamy. Anyway, the B-side, i.e. their own songs, are not as knock-out-drop-dead-instant-dance-party-top-ten-worthy; the music is more generic RnR straight from the garage to the bar... But "Ritual" is such an intensely rad song it's worth the price of admission." (LG)

           June 9, 2006

Terminals full-length record on DeadBeat Records tentatively scheduled for this Fall. Recording to be done by Andy Caffrey on location at the JOYO theatre. Essiting.

           May 31, 2006

Terminals Reviewed in Razor Cake Magazine
"Reminds me of Supercharger, barely more hi-fi, meaning it doesn't quite sound like a boombox recording in a kitchen: fuzzy, muffy, sweaty, dirty white folks with soul blues. Before I actually heard the John Spencer Blues Explosion, this is what I was hoping for: Gristle bass, cigarette burns on the linoleum, grease splattering through the vocals, sizzle on the guitars, dirt in the drums. So immediate, I feel like I'm choking on the exhaust of their tour van with a bad catalytic converter as it idles outside. They'd fit in perfectly on a bill with The Original Three or The River City Tanlines." --Todd (Razor Cake)

           May 30, 2006

Records DONE.  Artwork IN.  Do it.

           May 22, 2006

I got all excited over nothing today... well, okay something - the Brimstone Howl 45s came two days early (goood looking sumbitches, they is) but the artwork isn't in hand so it does me NO GOOD. But you can still look at the pretty colors.

           May 20, 2006

Brimstone Howl "Blood on the Rocks Bones in the River" 45 will be here by next Wednesday - we have 10 test pressings for sale for $10/each for you REAL dorks and the rest $5 on mixed color vinyl - order now and beat the crowds.

           May 5, 2006
I'm lazy. Busy shits. Brimstone Howl have two test pressings on the way, one being a flatty (fuck you, I can call them whatever I want) on Obsolete Records, recorded live at Gabe's by Andy Caffrey and the other coming out on Boom Chick, recorded in Memphis by Jay Reatard. BH and the Terminals will both be featured on an Obsolete compilation (time frame unknown) with 2-3 songs each. Brimstone Howl tour starts in under 4 weeks. Hott stuffs.

           April 18, 2006
Brimstone Howl Review in MMR

BRIMSTONE HOWL - "M-60" EP An unexpected diamond in the rough from the heartland courtesy of the band formerly known as the ZYKLON BEES. Scuzzy blues-ish punk gone Killed by Death, at times a bit like if early GUN CLUB was lo-fi and art damaged. Sorry to heap on the cliche descriptions, just trust me and buy this thing. (DD) (Boom Chick, 6405 Morrill Ave., Havelock, NE 68507)

BRIMSTONE HOWL - "BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG!" CD Fucked up '60s blues-based rock 'n' roll played Billy Childish style. Super loose, raw, and fucked up. This how this shit should be played. Sounds like it was recored on a kiddie tape recorder with the singer down the street yelling through a megaphone, then recorded onto a piece of sand paper. Good shit. (TB) (www.speednebraska.com)

Brimstone Howl Reviewed in Smashin Transistors
BRIMSTONE HOWL - "M-60" (Boom Chick 7in EP) Impetuous in their lust for Rhythm-n-Blues this Nebraska combo run through a cornfield familiar to plenty a white boy before em.  Well, as familiar as a cornfield can be because each one has it's own distinctive ruts, streams, traps and brush. Also, at night ya never know if some drunks go out and decide to do some afterdark poaching, shine yr ass and blast away cuz they thought it was a buck. Brimstone Howl trample through the old Sonics property with a bottle of hooch in their hands and some greasy chicken in their jacket pocket.  The get drunk by a scarecrow that looks and awful lot like Dan of the Gories and on the way back get knee deep in a muddy bog the locals jokingly refer to as "Captain Ron Asheton's Pond". (Brimstone Howl) dm

           April 1, 2006
Brimstone Howl gets (as far as I know) a good review in MMR - I don't know what it says because I'm too lazy to go get a copy, but you can go look at it if you want.

           March 19, 2006
Brimstone Howl's triumpant return from tour. Mix down with Andy Caffrey done finally. Look out for a new 45 on King Caffrey's Obsolete Records soon.

           March 17, 2006
Boy howdy the Terminals 45s are finally here. And boy are they shiny !

           March 10, 2006
Starting early for the Brimstone Howl's summer tour -  looking to go out for bout 6 weeks; hitting Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, North/South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tejas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Kansas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan.  You know, all them ones on this half !! Gissum !

           February 15, 2006
Brimstone Howl tour shaping up. Shows with the Black Lips, DC Snipers, Live Fast Die,
The Litigators... lot of good stuff to look forward to. Check tour page for more. 

Terminals 45 coming soon - hopefully to be released around the first week of March.

Pictures of things for sale up here.
           January sucks.
Goodbye January.

           January 19, 2006
Website update. New font.  Kiss my ass.

           January 16, 2006
Shows in Cedar Rapids, Kansas City and Lawrence were awesome. Terminals pleased to pad their band fund with a couple hundred extra dollars after expenses. Seriously should consider booking bands full time. Though it's easy when said bands are thoroughly awesome. (Ed: We say awesome too much.)

Tour high point; watching the cherub-like band members' from the Spread Eagles drunked boy-on-boy tongue action. Gross like watching brother/sister sex. Eww. But still cute somehow.

           January 13, 2006
Idiot Terminals are off like a prom dress on their way to "tour" (read: three days out of town).  News at 11.  Also just finished recording two songs with Mark Wahlberg. 7" to come soon. "Tour" dates:

Friday 13th, Cedar Rapids
@1109 House
w/Autodramatics (Andy Caffrey of Horrors new thang),
Alrightys (cool kids that rock. Unfortunate name and a math rock band. Eh.
Saturday 14th, Lawrence KS
@ Replay Lounge
w/Filthy Jim;
Sunday 15th (Brooks' birthday) Kansas City
@ Fred P. Otts
w/the Litigators (JeremiahK, former bandmate of the fab J Schooley.).

           January 8, 2006
Brimstone Howl tour=awesome. No dog bites this time, but Calvin went toe to toe with a snow drift and lost. Band recorded several tracks with Memphis' Jay Reatard. Expect to hear them soon.

           December 28, 2005
Apparently God reads my blog. 45s arrived yesterday after my impassioned cry to no one inparticular yesterday. If anyone has any other prayer requests, please submit them to us and I'll be sure to post them.  Brimstone Boys head out today for their tour.

           December 26, 2005
Artwork/inserts for Brimstone Howl 45s are in; where are the records? Getting scaaary.  Also in vain people news, Terminals have a whopping three day out-of-tour baby tour planned. It's their first and aren't they proud. See shows.

           December 14, 2005
Well, dog gone if they didn't ship those fast. Test pressings arrived and are sounding niiice.  Hopefully full order will be in before Christmas (wishful thinking). $7 paid to queenothetwist at hot mail dot com gets it in the mail to you, or pick one up at a show or the "Havelock Office" for $5.

           December 13, 2005
Test Pressings to ship tomorrow. Liz very tired of HTML and booking tours. Updated music - included are a few from the Knickerbockers release show. Hopefully.

           December 09, 2005
Brimstone Howl CD Release show tonight at Knickerbockers with Terminals and Virgasound; hot. Vig Brooks of Carsinogents fame onstage to duel with Nicky on final tune; also very hot. Lots of hot.        

           December 01, 2005

Brimstone Howl Tour pretty much completed;
Take a look. Spread the word. 'Cause it's hot. Like fire and shit.

12/28/05 Cedar Rapids, IA @ 1109 House + 2 TBA
12/29/05 IA city - Gabe's (tent) w/Autodramatics
12/30/05 Steven's Point, WI w/Bob Burns & the Breakups
12/31/05 Milwaukee 2428 N Weil Street w/period three, rapid adaptors, dawnhellasskings - 3PM
01/01/06 Nashville at the Springwater w/Rat Traps, 1 TBA
01/02/06 Memphis at the Buccaneer w/the Guacos & Rat Traps
01/03/06 nothing
01/04/06 Oxford, MS atTwo Sticks
01/05/06 nooothing
01/06/06 Lawrence at Jackpot w/Spread Eagles
01/07/06 KC w/Litigators at brick

               November 30, 2005
            Press Release:

11-30-05 Masters sent to United for Brimstone Howl 7”, tentatively entitled “Oak Tree” which will be in stock before the Howl head out on their brief winter tour. 4 songs; 2 short 2 long. Running time 6 minutes. We will have a limited quantity (5) of tests pressings available for sale for $10 available 2 weeks before we receive the full order of 7”s. Record produced by the Howl, recorded/engineered/mixed/mastered by The Hitts. Thank you very much! Ohh yeah, almost forgot to mention, Guitar Wolf called and they want their guitar sound back!

            November 29, 2005:

We exist. Huzzah.